Out now on Warrior Drum

Shenkster - Critical Bass Recordings guest mix

Check out this brand new mix from our very own Shenkster, featuring unreleased tunes from himself, as well as Warrior Drum artists INERPOIS and Tremors.


1) Shenkster & Circular Discharge - Tren De Muertos
2) Proton Kid - No Sleep
3) Proton Kid - No Sleep (Hardlogik remix)
4) C.A.2K & Gancher & Ruin - Return Of Ardo
5) Lowroller - Mixbreed Soldier (Igneon System remix)
7) Limewax - Kristall Weizen (Mathizm bootleg remix)
8) YmB - Kream
9) Lowroller & Cooh - Decimate
10)Bratkilla - Corona Virus (feat C-Netik)
11)The Molotov Force - Dark Alley (Shenkster remix) DUB
12)Panacea - Found a Lover (Cooh remix)
13)Lowroller vs. AK-Industry vs. Noizeskill - Triple Assault
14)Hardlogik - Massive Murder
15)Shenkster - UAV
16)Shenkster - Die Jedi DUB
17)Switch Technique & Fragz - Vigilante
18)Triagato & Micromakine - Oxygen
19)Sinister Souls - Let Me In
20)Ainada - Haloween (Shenkster remix)
21)Shenkster - Mankind


INERPOIS Hell Kitchen mix with Warrior Drum dubs

Russian/Ukraine bad boys INERPOIS crushing it with this hardcore and drum & bass mix for Hell Kitchen Radio. Two new Warrior Drum tracks debuted on this one. Not for the faint of heart!

2.AirJ & SkuD - Viral Infection (BSA REMIX) [Kinetik]
4.The Panacea - Found A Lover (Cooh Remix) [FREE]
5.Tugie - Bad Motherfucker [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
6.Syrinx - The Worship Of Baphomet [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
7.INERPOIS & TREMORS - Sarcasm [Forthcoming on Aggravated Music]
8.The Outside Agency - Enlightened Species [Genosha]
9.Synapse & Sei2ure - Fuck [Tainted Audio]
10.INERPOIS - F.E.A.R (DiMAN!X Remix) [Forthcoming on Warrior Drum]
11.Hallucinator and Isacco Pattini - Raise Your Middle Finger [Yellow Stripe]
12.BSA - Femme Fatale [Yellow Stripe]
13.INERPOIS - Conscience [Forthcoming on Warrior Drum]
14.Gore Tech - Heretic (Dr Mathlovsky's Gabba Headfuck Remix) [Peace Off]
15.eRRe & Hardlogik vs. Syrinx - D.I.E. (INERPOIS & Krieg Remix) [Noisj]
16.Big-Head & C.V.I. & INERPOIS & Krieg - Untitled [Unfinished]
17.Hallucinator - Unholy (Sinecore & Peter Kurten remix) [Black Hoe]
18.Hungry & Vein ft. SA+AN - Grave Mistake [DUBPLATE]
19.Mystification - Recovery [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
20.Misophonia & Antichristus - Fear Itself [Black Hoe]
21.MAZA & INERPOIS - One Opinion (Sentient Code Remix) [Instagib]
22.EVIL ACTIVITIES & DV8 ROCKS + FRAGZ = Guess What The Hunger (INERPOIS Mashup) [NTBR]
23.INERPOIS & TREMORS - Sarcasm (Syrinx Remix) [Forthcoming on Aggravated Music]
25.Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
26.Dylan,Kitech & Robyn Chaos - The Truth [Therapy Session]
27.AfterApheX & INERPOIS - Wake U!P [Mental Disorder]
28.Igneon System - The Wish for Brutality [Heresy]
29.Circular D. - Anxiety (Feat. Acid Imagination) [Black Hoe]
30.Gorebug - Airforce [Nekrolog1k]
31.C.A.2K - Exhalation [Tech Cycle]
32.INERPOIS & Indian Junglist - Alien Polygon [DUBPLATE]
33.Syrinx - Gabba (C-Netik Remix) [Black Hoe]
34.Angel - Techno [Industrial Strength]
35.Fear Factory vs. Kid Butcher - Our JobShifter VS. Sovet Deputatov - Your State (INERPOIS Destroyers Politicians Mashup) [NTBR]

New KRIEG EP out now!

KRIEG and Biper repping Saint Petersburg, Russia and getting extra raw on this one. Twilight of the Idols EP. Out now on Warrior Drum.

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