Guildford, United Kingdom

Harry Lynch (aka Sigmus) is a producer and DJ from a small village near Guildford, England. In 2009, he started experimenting with music production in FL Studio after being inspired by the underground dubstep sounds of Caspa & Rusko. Harry always had a rather eclectic musical taste - From the Gorrilaz to Pendulum, System of a Down to The Prodigy. Under the alias 'Sickozade', he began making dubstep tunes whilst gradually improving his production skills, but never took it seriously. Over time, his musical tastes changed, and matured into a passion for drum & bass. In 2012 Sigmus was born, with Harry focusing on all things DNB, spending the next year improving his production skills, and in 2013 had his debut release on Noisj's 'Dream Machine' Label with two experimental DNB tunes. Around the same time, he teamed up with a long time friend to form Sigmus & J-Turn, a collaboration which also focuses on all things DNB and combines the slightly differing tastes of Sigmus & J-Turn into something fresh & original. In June, they released their Debut EP on Moshbit Records, entitled Dusk and Dawn. Whilst things have moved slowly for Sigmus so far, he thinks it's now time for the wheels to start moving, and his production is picking up the pace!