The Midwest man of mischief!

Columbia, Missouri, USA

Russell Gaskins (aka Doombox) is a bass music producer from Midwest, USA. Russell acquired his first drumset at the age of 16 and started playing in Hardcore and Metal bands until 2003. In the summer of 2004 he started mixing on turntables and producing drum & bass tunes. 2005 saw Russell signed to Foulplay Records under the name Sighnature, featuring releases with artists such as Mumblz, Zardonic, and Ca2K. Shortly after, Russell adopted the name Doombox, and started releasing dubstep tracks on Crunk Funk Music. Doombox has been a steady fixture in the Midwest bass music circuit, playing alongside the likes of Spor, Caspa, Evol Intent, Gein, Doormouse, 12 Planet, SPL, and many more. Look out for forthcoming tunes of all flavors from the Midwest man of mischief.