INERPOIS Hell Kitchen mix with Warrior Drum dubs

Russian/Ukraine bad boys INERPOIS crushing it with this hardcore and drum & bass mix for Hell Kitchen Radio. Two new Warrior Drum tracks debuted on this one. Not for the faint of heart!


2.AirJ & SkuD - Viral Infection (BSA REMIX) [Kinetik]
4.The Panacea - Found A Lover (Cooh Remix) [FREE]
5.Tugie - Bad Motherfucker [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
6.Syrinx - The Worship Of Baphomet [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
7.INERPOIS & TREMORS - Sarcasm [Forthcoming on Aggravated Music]
8.The Outside Agency - Enlightened Species [Genosha]
9.Synapse & Sei2ure - Fuck [Tainted Audio]
10.INERPOIS - F.E.A.R (DiMAN!X Remix) [Forthcoming on Warrior Drum]
11.Hallucinator and Isacco Pattini - Raise Your Middle Finger [Yellow Stripe]
12.BSA - Femme Fatale [Yellow Stripe]
13.INERPOIS - Conscience [Forthcoming on Warrior Drum]
14.Gore Tech - Heretic (Dr Mathlovsky's Gabba Headfuck Remix) [Peace Off]
15.eRRe & Hardlogik vs. Syrinx - D.I.E. (INERPOIS & Krieg Remix) [Noisj]
16.Big-Head & C.V.I. & INERPOIS & Krieg - Untitled [Unfinished]
17.Hallucinator - Unholy (Sinecore & Peter Kurten remix) [Black Hoe]
18.Hungry & Vein ft. SA+AN - Grave Mistake [DUBPLATE]
19.Mystification - Recovery [Forthcoming on Harder & Louder]
20.Misophonia & Antichristus - Fear Itself [Black Hoe]
21.MAZA & INERPOIS - One Opinion (Sentient Code Remix) [Instagib]
22.EVIL ACTIVITIES & DV8 ROCKS + FRAGZ = Guess What The Hunger (INERPOIS Mashup) [NTBR]
23.INERPOIS & TREMORS - Sarcasm (Syrinx Remix) [Forthcoming on Aggravated Music]
25.Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
26.Dylan,Kitech & Robyn Chaos - The Truth [Therapy Session]
27.AfterApheX & INERPOIS - Wake U!P [Mental Disorder]
28.Igneon System - The Wish for Brutality [Heresy]
29.Circular D. - Anxiety (Feat. Acid Imagination) [Black Hoe]
30.Gorebug - Airforce [Nekrolog1k]
31.C.A.2K - Exhalation [Tech Cycle]
32.INERPOIS & Indian Junglist - Alien Polygon [DUBPLATE]
33.Syrinx - Gabba (C-Netik Remix) [Black Hoe]
34.Angel - Techno [Industrial Strength]
35.Fear Factory vs. Kid Butcher - Our JobShifter VS. Sovet Deputatov - Your State (INERPOIS Destroyers Politicians Mashup) [NTBR]