Carnal Motive

Photo: Jacob Studt
Saint Louis, USA

Jaizen Mokwa (aka Carnal Motive) is the founder and CEO of Warrior Drum Recordings. Jaizen got his start as a DJ in 1994 spinning hip-hop, which he merged into EDM in 1996 after attending some Jungle Vibe Collective shows in Minneapolis. He is best known for his drum & bass production and turntablism under the alias 'Mokwa'. Jaizen has played alongside artists such as Dieselboy, Tech Itch, Dylan, Andy C, Arsenic, Mumblz, Gein, Evol Intent and other dnb heavyweights. He formed Carnal Motive in 2005 with Drdn and Dro. In 2007 Jaizen relocated to Saint Louis, and in 2008 he split ways with Drdn and Dro taking the reigns of Carnal Motive himself.

Look out for a variety of different styles from the label boss himself, from trap to tearout, on Warrior Drum Recordings.