Sentient Code

Guildford, United Kingdom 

Thomas Hales (aka Sentient Code) is a drum & bass and hardcore producer hailing from South East England. In his early teens he got into breakbeat and dnb via The Prodigy, Pendulum, and other influences like metal and hip-hop. In 2008 he found dark drumfunk tracks by Paradox and Fanu, and into the darker styles and artists such as Current Value and Limewax. In 2009, he started producing breakcore and crossbreed, leading to experimental dark dnb. 2010 saw the launch of his netlabel, Instagib Recordings. 2011 he was signed to Ex Machina Recordings, but has been eager to perfect his production quality, while gradually building an arsenal of tracks and collecting an army of both new and seasoned talent on his netlabel. 

Now Sentient Code is coming out of the shadows and making his debut on Warrior Drum Recordings.