Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic

Vladimír Šmída (aka Shmidoo), the gunner from Czech Republic, uses his cannon with cadency at 175bpm. Under the guise of a smashing innocent civilian, he makes his own 90 caliber ammo, crafted for hardcore destruction. Firing multiple rounds from the camps of Harder & Louder Recordings, Techsys Recordings, and very soon firing from the headquarters of Forbidden Society Recordings. He is also packing ammo from gunners like Gancher & Ruin, Cooh, Ca2k, Dkaos, Fragz, and more. Shmidoo is working hard on his production skills, hoping to not set off ordinance in the studio.

Warrior Drum Recordings is proud to have this gunner among our ranks.

Harder & Louder Recordings
Techsys Recordings
Forbidden Society Recordings