St. Petersburg, Russia / Chernigov, Ukraine

INERPOIS is an international Drum & Bass project consisting of Ilya Stolyarov (Russia \ Saint-Petersburg) and Rostislav Odnenko (Ukraine \ Chernigov). They began conducting experiments with sound in 2011. In 2013, part of the St. Petersburg promo group DARK SESSION CREW. Participants in such major festivals: Dark Session (Spb) / Therapy Sessions (Msk) During his musical career guys played their sets with such heavyweights Drum & Bass scene as: Dom & Roland, CounterStrike, Donny, Panacea, Future Prophecies, Robyn Chaos, COOH, as well as Gancher & Ruin, Stereotype, Triamer, Satan, Suicide, Absurd , Paperclip, Ozma, and many others.

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